Let’s Ignite the Fire! 12 Best Candle Making Kits for Kids

As someone who is interested in DIYs and Handy-do’s, I can easily make candles on my own but I want to get my children involved in the process while keeping them safe and entertained.

Well, if you think candle-making is only a past time for kids, then this guy will surely prove you wrong:

In the end, I decided to go online and find the best candle-making kits for kids following the criteria I’ve set on price, quality of materials, age, and interest level of the kids.

Out of the fifty kits that I tested, only twelve came out to be worthy to be included in this list.

I also included three products that I did not choose for my reviews but are highly recommended additions if you want to make more candles. These are YRYM HT candles dyes, American Soy Organics Wax, and North Mountain Supply candle jars.

After reading this article, you will be surprised that you already know about…

  • The best kits for candle-making you can give to your children
  • Four considerations to choose a candle-making kit for kids
  • The best equipment that you can buy in addition to the kits

My Choice


KRAFTZLAB Complete Candle Making Kit

What’s inside?

  • Candle making kit with seven unique and colorful molds
  • Super easy to prepare and perform
  • Includes a booklet that comes with instructions and inspirations

Killer Feature:

  • This kit comes with seven unique and colorful plastic molds to make the activity more fun and varied.

Check price on Amazon →

What makes this a superb kit is that it comes with a number of molds and colored wax that will allow your kids to make candles in different hues and shapes. It is also beginner-friendly and only takes less than ten steps to come up with a real candle.

Great Choice

JXXXN DIY Candle Making Kit

JXXXN DIY Candle Making Kit

What’s inside?

  • Complete candle making kit with sturdy tools
  • Four glass aesthetic glass jars
  • Comes with eight warning labels to mark your finished products

Killer Feature:

  • JXXN successfully packed a kit that feels like the real thing and not just something for recreational purposes.

Check price on Amazon →

What I love about this kit is that it somehow felt a scientific and more organized approach to candle-making while keeping it relatively easy for kids. What’s interesting about this kit is that it comes with 6 candle dyes which you have to combine with uncolored soy wax when others come with pre-dyed wax.

Candleology Beeswax Candle Making Kits

Candleology – Beeswax Candle Making Kit

What’s inside?

  • Seven natural beeswax sheets
  • Lavenders, Cinnamon Sticks, and Orange Slices as decorative pieces
  • 100% real cotton-wick that is sixty inches long

Killer Feature:

  • This all-natural kit uses real beeswax and contains decorative pieces that are taken from nature as well.

Check price on Amazon →

Check price on Candleology →

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The strongest selling point for me is that it is made in the U.S.A and made with real beeswax. The package also comes with small decorations to make the experience even more fun. All in all, If what you’re looking for is a fun and simple candle-making kit that the kids can enjoy, then this should easily be your choice.

Buyer’s Guide

With literally thousands of candle-making kits out there, choosing one can be a bit of an overwhelming process, especially if you’re just getting in on this hobby.

There are lots of things to consider and it is easy to choose based only on what looks good to you.

Sure, aesthetics is also a big thing but things like safety and hazard should be on top of your list of priorities.

That said, I’ve prepared this list to help you navigate the market for the best candle-making kits for kids.

Step 1: Analyse your budget

Just like starting any other hobby, you also need to set how much you are willing to spend, or how much you are ABLE to spend without getting into trouble. Thankfully, all the items on this list are pretty much affordable and are loaded with value.

Analyze Your Budget


To have a good grasp of the pricing, you have to consider the factors that affect it and come up with a budget accordingly. The higher the quality of materials that comes with the kit, the pricier it gets.

First off, the candle’s main ingredient: the candle wax. Soy waxes are considerably cheaper than beeswax as they are more prevalent than the latter. Worry not, we’ll give you a comparison between the two once we get to step 4.

You also have to consider the set of equipment and tools for the actual candle-making. These are usually one melting and pouring pot, three candle jars or molds, four sets of dyes, wicks, centering equipment, mixing tools, and a thermometer.

Naturally, these are pretty standard and only allow you to do the essential, which is candle-making. If you want to do more, it means you’ve got to spend extra money to get extra materials to do just that.

So to sum up, if you want to do more than just candle making, you’re gonna have to spend more. But if you want to stick to the basics, then you can get away with spending less.

Step 2: Consider the interests of your kid

As we have said, the attention span of kids is severely limited nowadays so you have to consider how invested he or she would be in this project.

Regardless, there are items on this list that are perfect for catching your kids’ attention and have the potential to ignite their interest in candle-making.

That said, you can choose to go with the kit that has the most colors in it to fascinate them further and keep their minds within the process.

If you are unsure, you can always get those cheaper sets just to get a feel on how your kids would react to the hobby.

If you want, you can take a look at this video to get an idea of how to make the activity more lively and interesting for your kids.

No matter the case, you need to get involved in the process and get your hands dirty to foster that level of interest in your kid.

Step 3: Consider the age of your kid

Perhaps the most important thing in this list to consider: the age of your kid. Most of the sets mentioned in this article are marketed towards children but the thing is you should be wary as to what age you should entrust these things with.

The Age of Your Kid

These candle-making sets come with small accessories that can easily become choking hazards to children who do not know any better.

They also contain highly-colorful materials that can easily be mistaken as candy by small children.

Step 4: Consider the materials of the chosen kit

Another thing to consider is the materials of the kit that you have chosen. In this step, we will discuss two prominent things that are generally present in each kit: the candle wax and the container.

Materials of a Kit

As mentioned earlier, Soy Wax is considerably cheaper than beeswax. But, if your family, especially your kid, has a history of allergies, or you prefer a healthier and more natural choice, then it’s a logical move to spend a few extra bucks on beeswax.

Secondly, the container either comes as glass jars or tin cans. Glass jars can break easily when mishandled and is a big no-no if you are planning to have your kids work together with you. Sure, you can argue that they look prettier but tin cans are a much safer choice here.

To sum up, even if we didn’t talk about the remaining materials that come with the kit, you have to remember that they also have the potential to constitute hazards and it’s better to be there to supervise your children if they decide to make candles using the kits.

Candle Making Kits for Kids
Craft It Up Candle Making Kit

Best for starting out.

Amazon →Creative Kids →Walmart →
Rachel's Art Candle Making Kit for Kids

Good for testing.

Amazon →
STMT DIY Custom Candle Making Kit

Best choice for a gift.

Amazon →Target →Macy’s →Fingerhut →
KRAFTZLAB Complete Candle Making Kit

Good for young kids.

  My Choice
Amazon →
JXXXN DIY Candle Making Kit

For total family involvement.

  Great Choice
Amazon →
CraftBud 58 Piece Candle Making Kit for Adults and Kids

Good for multiple candles.

Amazon →Walmart →Cozy Array →
Beeswax Candle Making Kit

Perfect for nature lovers.

  Great Choice
Amazon →Candleology →Walmart →
Roxy Epoxy Silver Candle Making Kit

Perfect for intermediates.

Amazon →Roxy Epoxy →
Koltose by Mash DIY Candle Making Kit

Best choice for beginners.

Amazon →Koltose by Mash
GoToShop Candle Making Kit

Good for scent enthusiasts.

Amazon →
The Thoughts of Fun Co. – Candle Making Kit

For color fanatics and artists.

Amazon →
Apadi DIY Soy Candle Making Kit

For Making Bigger Candles.

Amazon →Sears →

12 Best Candle Making Kits for Kids

Now when we’ve established our criteria and parameters in choosing the candle making kits for kids, it’s time to get to the main part already. Here are the candle-making kits that I highly recommend for you to try with your children.

1. Craft It Up – Candle Making Kit

If what you’re looking for is a great starter that can be used by even the most novice of novices, then here’s something worth looking up. Craft It Up’s Candle Making Kit is a very neat and handy kit with very intuitive and straightforward tools.

Craft It Up Candle Making Kit

The all-inclusive kit comes with molds, fashionable pots, mixing pot, color pigments, wax, and scents for your convenience.

What makes this a superb choice is that its wonderful set of scents that it comes with: Cinnamon, Citrus, Vanilla, and Floral. They provide a nice soothing aroma as the candle burns away and makes for a wonderful time associating the smells with the colors.


  • Very intuitive tools and equipment for easy use.
  • Comes with cute little gift boxes that are perfect for giveaways.
  • Plenty of different mold shapes to choose from.


  • A rich selection of color pigments.
  • Comes with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.
  • The thermometer is good and functional.


  • Wax volume can be improved.
  • The colors are dull and can be underwhelming.
  • The cinnamon scent smells different from the usual.

Best for

  • Those who are only starting in this hobby.

Craft It Up Kit

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2. Rachel’s Art – Candle Making Kit for Kids

Here’s a quick and easy way to try if you’re kids want to enter the candle-making hobby. This candle-making kit by Rachel’s art is good for a one-time-only candle-making activity to see if the hobby is a viable one for your kid.

Rachel's Art Candle Making Kit

The kit comes with essential equipment such as molds, colored candle wax, candle wicks, sustainers, and shaping stick.


  • Colored candle wax out of the box.
  • Three glass candle containers.
  • Comes with a complete instruction booklet.


  • Very easy to use.
  • The materials used are approved for use by children at least 6 years old.
  • The colors are very pleasant to look at.


  • The project can be done in very little time.
  • The candles burn even faster than you made them.
  • Some have trouble keeping the fire lit.

Best for

  • Those who want to test the hobby.

Rachel's Art Candle Making Kit

Buying Options

3. STMT DIY Custom Candle Making Kit

Looking for a perfect kit to be given away this holiday season? This Candle Making Kit by STMT has a very elegant box that can easily make someone so excited and ready to start making candles as soon as they receive it.

STMT Candle Making Kit

The process is uncomplicated and makes the activity a pleasurable and memorable experience for the kids. What makes this kit unique is that it uses tin cans to hold the candles instead of glass jars.


  • Comes with tin cans instead of glass jars
  • Sticker labels allow for personalized candles
  • The instruction sheet that allows kids to take ‘orders’


  • Very elegant box
  • Comes with three choices of scents
  • The tin cans come with caps for safe storage


  • The finished candle burns poorly
  • The scent is barely noticeable
  • The colors look dull and faded

Best for

  • Those looking for the perfect gift

STMT Candle Making Kit

Buying Options

4. KRAFTZLAB Complete Candle Making Kit Supplies

Is the recipient of this candle-making kit still too young to be left alone? Then this is undeniable the best choice for you!

Kraftzlab’s Complete Candle Making Kit strictly complies with ASTM f963-17 and CPSIA standards and requirements so it makes perfect sense if you’re looking to give it to young children.

KRAFTZLAB Candle Making Kit

The kit is expected to produce fifteen small, child-friendly candles that can be shaped into seven different molds with countless possibilities for color combination.


  • Seven colorful candle molds.
  • Comes with five different colored waxes.
  • The stainless steel melting cup feels really well-made and durable.


  • Comes with a nifty instructional and informational booklet.
  • The wide array of colors makes it very appealing to kids.
  • Aromatic oils are very noticeable even when applied in small amounts.


  • Plastic molds feel very brittle.
  • Candle burns through very fast.
  • The wax hardens fast after pouring in the mold.

Best for

  • Small children with adult supervision.

Buying Options

Still, if you are looking for a more substantial project with a twist of pumpkin and cinnamon, feel free to try this project right here:

5. JXXXN Complete DIY Candle Making Kit Supplies

If you’re up for a project that will involve the entire family, then look no further as you’ve already found what you’re looking for. This Complete DIY Candle Making Kit Supplies by JXXXN is a wonderful choice for a family that is composed of novices in the candle-making hobby.

JXXXN Candle Making Kit

The three ten-ounces packs of Soy Wax means that there’s enough to go around the entire family. The kit doesn’t come short with equipment that feels very methodical – a perfect recipe for a professional-like feel in the process.


  • Six pieces of solid candle dye.
  • Comes with a durable 400 ml pot and a mixing spoon.
  • Glass jars look and feel very elegant.


  • Comes with warning stickers.
  • The colors look vibrant.
  • Paper tags make for a perfect personalized gift.


  • Lacks decent directions.
  • The scent is barely noticeable even when applied in large amounts.
  • The kit unexpectedly lacks in size.

Best for

  • A family that’s looking for a fun and exciting weekend project.


Buying Options

6. Craftbud 58 Piece Candle Making Kit for Adults & Kids

Is a fun, heavy, and abundant candle-making project is what you’re looking for? Then the Craftbud 58 piece Candle Making Kit is perfect for you!

Craftbud Candle Making Kit

This baby comes with 16 wax dye colors and 2 lbs of high-quality soy wax that’s perfect for sharing with friends and families!


  • 3 silicone finger protectors.
  • Comes with a single round trivet to protect your table or countertop.
  • Heavy-duty melting and pouring pitcher.


  • Perfect for large families or a single dedicated individual.
  • Very nice long term project.
  • Comes with a well-detailed instruction booklet.


  • Wicks and wick stickers felt lacking for a kit this big.
  • The scent containers are brittle and are prone to breaking.
  • The candle burns really, really fast!

Best for

  • Those who are looking for heavy-duty work.

What’s more, the materials that come with the kit are all high-quality and there’s nothing that you could ask for more.

If you can’t believe it, just take a peek at this video to see just how big their actual sizes. This video will also give you a good idea of what you can expect to do with this kit.

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7. Candleology – Beeswax Candle Making Kit

Do you want to go against artificial choices and opt for a more natural one? Say no more! This Beeswax Candle Making Kit by Candleology Store is here for you.

Candleology Beeswax Candle Making Kit

The package comes with an all-inclusive art kit that’s made up of seven pure beeswax sheets, essential candle-making equipment, and small decorative things for details! What’s great about this is that it’s all-natural and the thought of it makes it even more worthwhile!


  • 100% made from pure beeswax.
  • Additional details are also 100% sourced from nature.
  • Smell like fresh honey by default.


  • Environment-friendly candle making kit.
  • Looks like a wonderful addition to your other home decorations.
  • Perfectly safe for kids.


  • The decorative items are highly flammable and need a bit more caution.
  • The kit can use a bit more beeswax sheets.
  • Wick is hard to ignite at times.

Best for

  • Those who want an all-natural option.

Buying Options

You are also welcome to try this kit below to relieve your stress and ensure that you and you’re family are ready to take on the following week:

8. Roxy Epoxy Silver Candle Making Kit

Want to feel like a candle-making wizard? With the right equipment, yes you can! And that equipment happens to be this DIY Candle Making Kit Silver by Roxy Epoxy store. First off, the kit looks amazing with its metallic build coupled with purple accents.

Roxy Epoxy Candle Making Kit

What pulled me into this item is that it’s very clean and organized which shows that you’re really up for a stress-free candle-making session in the afternoon.


  • Stainless graduated pitcher.
  • Four natural fragrances.
  • Comes with a digital thermometer.


  • Looks cool and minimalistic.
  • Box comes with a string handle for portability.
  • Dye color works well.


  • The kit is a bit too complicated to use.
  • The box emits a strange odor when opened.
  • The essential oil loses its scent in the finished product.

Best for

  • Intermediate users.

Roxy Epoxy Silver Kit

Buying Options

9. Koltose by Mash – DIY Candle Making Kit

Do you want to see a party vibe when you’re making your candles? Then this is the perfect kit for you! Koltose by Mash brings you the most colorful and extravagant candle-making supply kit in this entire list.

Koltose by Mash Candle Making Kit

Designed specifically with children in mind, the kit comes with five vibrantly colored wax that will certainly keep your child focused on the task at hand.

But perhaps, the best selling point that you will find in this kit is that it is unbelievably easy to manipulate the colors and designs according to your will.


  • Five vibrantly colored bags of wax.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Comes with three extra-long wicks.


  • The wax is easy to design and manipulate according to your ideas.
  • Comes with a unique design tool to enhance your creativity.
  • Highly recommended for beginners.


  • Can be quite messy if done poorly.
  • The glass cups are brittle.
  • Lacks essential oils to enhance the fragrance.

Best for

  • Beginners.

Koltose by Mash Kit

Buying Options

10. GoToShop – Candle Making Kit

Are your kids fascinated by the aromas of scented candles? Then why not have them create their own blend?! This DIY Candle Making Kit by GoToShop comes with six essential oils as well as six solid dyes so you can match the colors and the scent!

GoToShop Candle Making Kit

What I like about this product is that the essential oils are not only there for the show but do their job in bringing out fresh-smelling and aromatic candles for you to keep or give away as gifts.


  • Six highly effective essential oils.
  • Comes with four bags of high-quality soy wax.
  • Six colorful candle containers.


  • The essential oil brings out the aroma in each candle.
  • All the items feel high quality and durable.
  • Comes with two bow tie clips.


  • The essential oils are prone to spilling.
  • The wax smells terrible if not for the essential oils.
  • Somewhat complicated process.

Best for

  • Those who want to make scented candles.

GoToShop Soy Wax Candle Making Kit

Buying Options

11. The Thoughts of Fun Co. – Candle Making Kit

Want to full awaken your kids’ creativity? Then look no further than this Candle Making Kit DIY brought to you by The Thoughts of Fun Co.!

When other kits come with candle tin that comes pre-designed, this DIY candle-making kit takes it one step higher by allowing you to design the tins yourself!

The Thoughts of Fun Co. Candle Making Kit

The kit amazingly comes with four acrylic coloring pens that you can use to draw and color. The blank tins allow you to have as much creative freedom as you want!


  • 12 extra-long wicks.
  • 6 blank candle tins.
  • 6 natural scented essential oils.


  • All ingredients are top-notch in terms of quality.
  • Comes with clear and concise instructions.
  • Offers a high degree of creative freedom.


  • Essential oils tend to leak.
  • Ill-prepared packaging.
  • The soy wax feels rather lacking.

Best for

  • Those who want to do more than just combine colored dyes and wax.

The Thoughts of Fun Co. Candle Making Kit

Buying Options

12. Apadi DIY Soy Candle Making Kit

Do your kids want something more than child’s play? Then here’s something that they can get behind! In place of miniature candle tins or glass, this kit comes with three full-sized glass jars.

Apadi Candle Making Kit

Aside from that, it also comes with a candle mold that follows the shape of a rose! By buying this kit, you and you’re kid are up for a couple of exciting candle-making sessions during the holidays!


  • Comes with 3 full-sized glasses with wooden caps.
  • Four colored wax dyes.
  • Silicone Rose-shaped candle mold.


  • The process takes a little longer thanks to its size and scale.
  • Wax flakes are easy to handle and manipulate.
  • The essential oils do their job terrifically.


  • The wax feels lacking.
  • A little tedious and needs more work to pull off.
  • The wicks have trouble staying lit.

Best for

  • Kids who are ready for a bigger project.

Apadi Candle Making Kit

Buying Options

Other Must-Haves

After going through the entire list, you’ll know that most of the kits mentioned above are introductory ones used to showcase the hobby to beginners. Once they’ll get the hang of it, and hopefully, they do so, they will begin to ask for more.

To address that, I have prepared this short list of must-haves that will come in handy once that happens.

Candle Dye →

Candle DyeIf you’re looking for a wider selection of colors aside from the usual three or six-color dyes you get in each candle-making kit, then this one is perfect for you. Each bottle of this candle dye liquid kit can fully color 22 pounds of soy wax if used in reasonable amounts.

Soy Wax for Candles →

Soy Wax for CandlesAmerican Soy Organics will make sure that you can make candles until you get tired of doing so. You’ll be surprised that they are selling bead-shaped soy wax in three different bag sizes: 10-pounder, 25-pounder, and a massive 45-pounder bag.

Surely, no one will be crying about not having enough wax once the fun begins.

Canning Jars →

Canning JarsThese clear miniature mason jars will make sure that you won’t experience a shortage of candle jars. It comes with plain white metal lids that will keep impurities and other foreign objects away from your candle wax.

The best thing about this is that it provides a nice alternative for those that do not want to use tins to keep their candles.

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Cande-making is a one-of-a-kind that can be highly enjoyable and entertaining and these best candle-making kits for kids should reinforce that notion.

But you know another interesting thing that is highly appealing to kids? It would certainly be volcanoes! Go to this article to read about the best volcano kits that you can give to your children.

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