8 Best SEO Strategies for Private Schools to to Improve Enrollment in 2023

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Comparing Saxon Math vs Singapore Math for Homeschooling Families

Choosing the right math curriculum when homeschooling your children is never easy. You want to find something that will help them learn the skills they need, encourage critical thinking, and be manageable to implement. As a homeschool parent myself, I understand your frustrations. Two math programs that are popular with the homeschool community are Singapore … Read more

Let’s Ignite the Fire! 12 Best Candle Making Kits for Kids

As someone who is interested in DIYs and Handy-do’s, I can easily make candles on my own but I want to get my children involved in the process while keeping them safe and entertained. Well, if you think candle-making is only a past time for kids, then this guy will surely prove you wrong: Scented … Read more