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Recreation & Activities

Camp Life in the Woods and the Tricks of Trapping and Trap Making 
by William Hamilton Gibson
Gutenberg Text

Specimen Programs of Physical Training Activities 
for Use in Small Rural Schools
Internet Archive

On the Trail, An Outdoor Book for Girls
by Adelia Belle Beard and Lina Beard
Gutenberg Text
My absolute Favorite Text for Camping

Outdoor Sports and Games 
by Claude H. Miller
Gutenberg Text
With a charming chapter especially for girls --MM

Old English Sports, Pastimes and Customs
By P.H. Ditchfield, M.A.
Gutenberg Text

Healthful Sports for Boys
by Alfred Rochefort
Gutenberg Text

The Art of Lawn Tennis
by William Tatem Tilden
Gutenberg Texts

Lawn Tennis for Ladies
by Mrs. Lambert Chambers
Gutenberg Text

Camp Life in the Woods and the Tricks of Trapping and Trap Making 
by William Hamilton Gibson
Gutenberg Text

Camping For Boys 
by H.W. Gibson
Gutenberg Text

How to Camp Out 
by John Mead Gould
Gutenberg Text

Knots, Splices and Rope Work 
by A. Hyatt Verrill
Gutenberg Text

The Boy Mechanic:
Volume 1;   700 Things for Boys to Do
Popular Mechanics
Gutenberg Text

Games for Hallow-e'en
by Mary E. Blain
Gutenberg Text

Games for Everybody
by May C. Hofmann
Gutenberg Text

My Book of Indoor Games
by Clarence Squareman
Gutenberg Text

Little Wars;
a game for boys from twelve years of age to one hundred and fifty and for that more intelligent sort of girl who likes boys' games and books.
Floor Games;
a companion volume to "Little Wars"
by H. G. Wells
Gutenberg Texts

Hand Shadows to Be Thrown upon the Wall
by Henry Bursill
Gutenberg Text

Christmas Entertainments
by Alice Maude Kellogg
Gutenberg Text

Entertainments for Home, Church and School 
by Frederica Seeger
Gutenberg Text

School, Church, and Home Games 
by George O. Draper
Gutenberg Text

The School of Recreation (1696 edition)
by Robert Howlett
Gutenberg Text

 Chess & Checkers

Checkmates for Four Pieces

Checkmates for Three Pieces
by William Brett Fishburne
Gutenberg Texts

Chess History and Reminiscences
by H. E. Bird
Gutenberg Text

Chess and Checkers : the Way to Mastership
Chess Strategy
by Edward Lasker
Gutenberg Texts

Game and Playe of the Chesse (1400's)
by William Caxton
Gutenberg Text

The Blue Book of Chess 
by Howard Staunton and Various
Gutenberg Text