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Geography & Social Studies

Twins Stories | Little Cousins Series

Romantic America
by Robert Haven Schauffler
Internet Archive

The CIA's World Fact Book
Many HTML & PDF files

First Lessons in Geography
by James Monteith
Gutenberg Text
Also DjVu file at Internet Archive
Read aloud to or with children from 1st to 3rd grade

The Seven Little Sisters who Live on the Round Ball that Floats in the Air
Multiple Formats at Black Mask
by Jane Andrews
Gutenberg Texts
Appropriate for 1st to 3rd grade

Highroads of Geography 
by Anonymous
Gutenberg Text
The HTML version has lovely illustrations.  Suitable for younger Grammar Students.

Home Geography for Primary Grades
by C. C. Long
Gutenberg Text
3rd to 5th grade level

Uncle Robert's Geography
by Helm and Parker
Gutenberg Text
Sweetly told, practical stories that explain simple geographical concepts. 
Appropriate for younger Grammar Students although older children will enjoy it.

The World of Waters 
by Mrs. David Osborne
Gutenberg Text

Human Geography, The World
by J. Fairgreeve & E. Young
Internet Archive DjVu File

Topsy-Turvy Land 
Arabia Pictured for Children
by Amy E. Zwemer and Samuel M. Zwemer
Gutenberg Text

A Book of Discovery
by  M. B. Synge 
Baldwin Project

The Atlas of Ancient and Classical Geography 
by Samuel Butler
Gutenberg Text

Peeps at Many Lands: Egypt 
by R. Talbot Kelly
Gutenberg Text

Spanish Life in Town and Country
by L. Higgin and Eugène E. Street
Gutenberg Text

Norwegian Life 
by Ethlyn T. Clough
Gutenberg Text

Dutch Life in Town and Country 
by P. M. Hough
Gutenberg Text

An Outline of American Geography
Regional Landscapes of the United States 
By Stephen S. Birdsall and John Florin  
HTML file at USInfo.State.Gov
Modern Text

Twins Tales by Lucy Fitch Perkins

The Belgian Twins  

The Dutch Twins
also Google Books

The Eskimo Twins  

The French Twins  

The Japanese Twins 

 The Puritan Twins 

The Scotch Twins  

The Spartan Twins  

The Swiss Twins 
by Lucy Fitch Perkins
Gutenberg Texts
1st to 4th grade

Our Little Cousin Series
All are from KellsCraft Texts unless stated otherwise
17 of 83 available. If you find any others online, please let me know so I can post them here.

1. Our Little Indian Cousin (Mary Hazelton Wade) 1901

2. Our Little Japanese Cousin (Mary Hazelton Wade) 1901 from Indiana University, Japan in America Exhibit

3. Our Little Malayan Cousin (Mary Hazelton Wade) 1901 

4. Our Little Russian Cousin (Mary Hazelton Wade) 1901

5. Our Little African Cousin (Mary Hazelton Wade) 1902

6. Our Little Cuban Cousin (Mary Hazelton Wade) 1902 

7. Our Little Eskimo Cousin (Mary Hazelton Wade) 1902 

8. Our Little Hawaiian Cousin (Mary Hazelton Wade) 1902 

9. Our Little Philippine Cousin (Mary Hazelton Wade) 1902 

10. Our Little Porto Rican Cousin (Mary Hazelton Wade) 1902 

11. Our Little Chinese Cousin (Isaac Taylor Headland) 1903 

12. Our Little Italian Cousin (Mary Hazelton Wade) 1903 

13. Our Little Norwegian Cousin (Mary Hazelton Wade) 1903 

14. Our Little Siamese Cousin (Mary Hazelton Wade) 1903 

15. Our Little Swiss Cousin (Mary Hazelton Wade) 1903 

16. Our Little Canadian Cousin (Elizabeth Roberts Macdonald) 1904 from A Celebration of Women Writers

17. Our Little German Cousin (Mary Hazelton Wade) 1904 (Thanks Jennifer!)

18. Our Little Irish Cousin (Mary Hazelton Wade) 1904 

19. Our Little Jewish Cousin (Mary Hazelton Wade) 1904 

20. Our Little Turkish Cousin (Mary Hazelton Wade) 1904 

21. Our Little Armenian Cousin (Mary Hazelton Wade) 1905 

22. Our Little English Cousin (Blanche [McManus] Mansfield) 1905

23. Our Little French Cousin (Blanche [McManus] Mansfield) 1905

24. Our Little Korean Cousin  (H. Pike/Mellicent Humason Lee) 1905

25. Our Little Mexican Cousin.  (E. C. Butler) 1905 

26. Our Little Dutch Cousin (Blanche [McManus] Mansfield) 1906

27. Our Little Panama Cousin (H. Pike) 1906 

28. Our Little Scotch Cousin (Blanche [McManus] Mansfield) 1906

29. Our Little Spanish Cousin (Mary F. Nixon-Roulet) 1906 

30. Our Little Swedish Cousin (Claire Martha Coburn) 1906 

31. Our Little Alaskan Cousin  (Mary F. Nixon-Roulet) 1907 from Gutenberg

32. Our Little Arabian Cousin  (Blanche [McManus] Mansfield) 1907

33. Our Little Brazilian Cousin (Mary F. Nixon-Roulet) 1907 

34. Our Little Hindu Cousin (Blanche [McManus] Mansfield) 1907

35. Our Little Australian Cousin (Mary F. Nixon-Roulet) 1908 

36. Our Little Egyptian Cousin (Blanche [McManus] Mansfield) 1908

37. Our Little Grecian Cousin (Mary F. Nixon-Roulet) 1908 

38. Our Little Hungarian Cousin (Mary F. Nixon-Roulet) 1909 

39.Our Little Persian Cousin (E. Shedd) 1909 

40. Our Little Argentine Cousin (Eva Cannon Brooks) 1910 

41. Our Little Belgian Cousin (Blanche [McManus] Mansfield) 1911

42. Our Little Bohemian Cousin (Clara V. Winlow) 1911 

43. Our Little Portuguese Cousin (E. A. Sawyer) 1911 

44. Our Little Danish Cousin (Luna May Innes) 1912 

45. Our Little Polish Cousin (Florence Mendel) 1912 

46. Our Little Athenian Cousin of Long Ago (Julia Darrow Cowles) 1913

47. Our Little Austrian Cousin (Florence Mendel) 1913 

48. Our Little Bulgarian Cousin (Clara V. Winlow) 1913 

49. Our Little Roman Cousin of Long Ago (Julia Darrow Cowles) 1913

50. Our Little Servian Cousin (Clara V. Winlow) 1913 

51. Our Little Spartan Cousin of Long Ago (Julia Darrow Cowles) 1914

52. Our Little Boer Cousin (Luna May Innes) 1915 

53. Our Little Carthagenian Cousin of Long Ago (Julia Darrow Cowles) 1915

54. Our Little Macedonian Cousin of Long Ago (Winlow) 1915 

55. Our Little Norman Cousin of Long Ago (Evaleen Stein) 1915

56. Our Little Cossack Cousin (Feodor A. Postnikov) 1916 

57. Our Little Saxon Cousin of Long Ago (Evaleen Stein) 1916 

58. Our Little Viking Cousin of Long Ago (Charles H. L. Johnston) 1916

59. Our Little Frankish Cousin (Clara V. Winlow) 1917 

60. Our Little Roumanian Cousin (Clara V. Winlow) 1917 

61. Our Little Celtic Cousin of Long Ago (Evaleen Stein) 1918 

62. Our Little Finnish Cousin (Clara V. Winlow) 1918 

63. Our Little Quebec Cousin (Mary S. Saxe) 1919 

64. Our Little Czecho-Slovak Cousin (Clara V. Winlow) 1920 

65. Our Little Crusader Cousin of Long Ago (Evaleen Stein) 1921 Baldwin Project

66. Our Little Feudal Cousin of Long Ago (Laura E. Richards) 1922

67. Our Little West Indian Cousin (Emily Goddard Taylor) 1922 

68. Our Little Canadian Cousin of the Great Northwest (Emily F. Murphy) 1923

69. Our Little Jugoslav Cousin (Clara V. Winlow) 1923 

70. Our Little Welsh Cousin (Gwladys M. Morgan) 1924 

71. Our Little Ukranian Cousin (Clara V. Winlow/Anna C. Winlow) 1925

72. Our Little Lithuanian Cousin (Anna C. Winlow) 1926 

73. Our Little Lapp Cousin (Anna B. Sloane) 1927 

74. Our Little Chilean Cousin (Anna C. Winlow) 1928 

75. Our Little Florentine Cousin of Long Ago (Anna C. Winlow) 1929

76. Our Little Burmese Cousin (Anna C. Winlow) 1931 

77. Our Little Manchurian Cousin (Dr. Tehyi Hsieh) 1933 

78. Our Little Aztec Cousin of Long Ago (Elizabeth Borton) 1934

79. Our Little Vatican City Cousin (Mabel Farnum) 1934 

80. Our Little Ethiopian Cousin (Elizabeth Borton) 1935 

81. Our Little Mongolian Cousin (Phyllis Ayer Sowers) 1936 

82. Our Little Corinthian Cousin of Long Ago (Phyllis Ayer Sowers) 1937

83. Our Little Guatamalan Cousin (Mellicent Humason Lee) 1937