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Creation and Its Records 
by Baden Henry Baden-Powell
Gutenberg Text

Wonders of Creation 
by Anonymous
Gutenberg Text

It's a Young World After All
by Dr. Paul D. Ackerman 
html or zip file at creationsim.org

The Evolution of Man: Scientifically Disproved
In 50 Arguments
By  Rev. William A. Williams, D.D
Gutenberg Text

Creation Magazine Archive     TJ Magazine Archive
Mind boggling in their scope.  Many, many articles to choose from.  Highly Recommended

Discovery Magazine
Creation & Science for Kids 
The information on this site is excellent and copyrighted. 
Click here for their Copyright Notice
Essentially you can print out the online articles for personal use.
(Not affiliated with the Discovery Channel)

Apologetics Press e-books
Go to this page and then dowload the books of your choice.
Highly Recommended for Highschool Students

Kid Explorers
 Free Lesson Plans, Games, Coloring, Mazes may all be printed for personal or classroom use.
The Lesson Plans are based on their videos.  The videos are available for (free) online viewing, or may be purchased if desired.

The Parent Company
Online Books, pay special attention to the Science Kits & Little Talkers

Answers in Genesis
They have an excellent selection of free online books for Jr. High to Highschool ages.

The Revised & Expanded Answers Book
& Lesson Plans
from Answers in Genesis 
grades 8 to 12

One Blood & Study Guide
The biblical answer to racism
by Ken Ham, Carl Wieland and Don Batten
from Answers in Genesis

Refuting Evolution & Study Guide
by Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D., F.M.
from Answers in Genesis

11 booklets in PDF form for Jr. High and up
from Answers in Genesis

Question & Answer Archive from Answers in Genesis
Excellent for Unit Studies