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Character, Morals, & Etiquette
General Works | For Boys | For Girls 

General Works

The Child at Home
The Principles of Filial Duty, Familiarly Illustrated
By John S. C. Abbott
Gutenberg Text

Free, Printable Character Education Posters
from www.faith4living.com


Character Critters
pre-k-1st grade

The Goop Directory

More Goops and How Not To Be Them
by Gelett Burgess
Gutenberg Texts
Charming & Amusing look at manners from pre-K to 3rd grade--MM

The Parent's Assistant 
by Maria Edgeworth
Gutenberg Text
Pleasant and interesting to read, moral tales -- MM

George Washington's Rules of Civility
by Moncure D. Conway
Gutenberg Text

The Book of Good Manners; 
a Guide to Polite Usage for All Social Functions
by Walter Cox Green
Gutenberg Text

Small Means and Great Ends
edited by Mrs. M. H. Adams
Gutenberg Text
Short stories illustrating Christian morals for Grammar School Students

Self Help; Conduct and Perseverance


by Samuel Smiles
Gutenberg Texts

Manners and Conduct in School and Out
by Anonymous
Gutenberg Text

Sex and Common-Sense
by A. Maude Royden
Gutenberg Text
Written by a pastor and well written at that.--MM.

Questionable Amusements and Worthy Substitutes 
by J. M. Judy
Gutenberg Text

Self Help; Conduct and Perseverance 
by Samuel Smiles
Gutenberg Text
Difficult to read and dry at times, but filled with worthy information --  MM
Highschool Level

On Being Human

When a Man Comes to Himself
by Woodrow Wilson
Gutenberg Texts

Crayon and Character: Truth Made Clear Through Eye and Ear 
by J. Griswold
Gutenberg Text

For Boys

Frank Harper or the Country Boy in Town
by Anonymous
Sunday School Text

The Young Man's Friend and Guide Through Life to Immortality
John Angell James 
Grace Gems

The Young Man Leaving Home
by John Angell James
Grace Gems

The Call of the Twentieth Century
An Address to Young Men
by David Starr Jordan
Gutenberg Text

Stones Rolled Away and Other Addresses to Young Men
by Henry Drummond

Thoughts for Young Men
by J. C. Ryle 
Grace Gems

Advice to Young Men on their Duties and Conduct in Life 
by Timothy Shay Arthur 
MSU Sunday School Books in 19th Cen. America

A Fleece of Gold; Five Lessons from the Fable of Jason and the Golden Fleece
by Charles Stewart Given
Gutenberg Text

Helps Over Hard Places: Stories for Boys. 
Palmer Lynde 
MSU Sunday School Books

For Girls

The Ladies' Vase, Polite Manual for Young Ladies
by An American Lady
Gutenberg Text

Helps over Hard Places: Stories for Girls.
Lynde Palmer 
MSU Sunday School Books

Female Piety—The Young Woman's Guide through Life to Immortality
John Angell James
Grace Gems
also a Gutenberg Text

Hold Up Your Heads, Girls! : Helps for Girls, in School and Out 
by Annie H Ryder
Gutenberg Text

Letters to a Daughter and A Little Sermon to School Girls
by Helen Ekin Starrett
Gutenberg Text

Stray Thoughts for Girls 
by Lucy H. M. Soulsby
Gutenberg Text
Intended for older Adolescent Girls

Poise: How to Attain It 
by D. Starke
Gutenberg Text

The Young Lady's Mentor
A Guide to the Formation of Character. 
In a Series of Letters to Her Unknown Friends
by An English Lady
Gutenberg Text