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American History
Chronicles of America Series

American Journeys
big, free website
Lesson Plans from American Journeys

The Land We Live In, The Story of our Country
by Henry Mann
Gutenberg Text

Stories of Later American History
by Wilbur F. Gordy
Gutenberg Text
Designed for 5th Grade, but appropriate for 4th through 6th--MM

The Northmen, Columbus and Cabot, 985-1503
by Various
Gutenberg Text

A True Relation 
by Captain John Smith
American Journeys

Famous Indian Chiefs I have Known
by Oliver Otis Howard
Baldwin Project

Stories of the Pilgrims 
by  Margaret B. Pumphrey 
Baldwin Project

The Nation in a Nutshell 
by George Makepeace Towle

The Women Who Came in the Mayflower 
by Annie Russell Marble
Gutenberg Text

The Mayflower and Her Log; 
July 15, 1620-May 6, 1621 — Complete 
by Azel Ames

True Stories of History and Biography
by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Gutenberg Text

The Bird-Woman of the Lewis and Clark Expedition 
by Katherine Chandler
For young readers, 1st to 2nd grade

Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans 
by Edward Eggleston
Gutenberg Text
2nd to 4th grade reading level

Stories of American Life and Adventure 
by Edward Eggleston
Gutenberg Text
2nd to 4th grade reading level

A First book in American History
by Edward Eggleston
19th Century School Books
2nd to 4th Grade reading level

The Beginner's American History
by D. H. Montgomery
Gutneberg Text

American Men of Action, 
by Burton E. Stevenson
Gutenberg Text

Young Peoples' History of the War with Spain
by Prescott Holmes
Gutenberg Text

The Men Who Found America 
by  Frederick Winthrop Hutchinson 
Baldwin Project
4th to 5th grade reading level but appropriate to be read to younger students

This Country of Ours 
by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall
Gutenberg Text
4th to 6th grade reading level, but appropriate to be read to younger students

Woman on the American Frontier
by William Worthington Fowler
Gutenberg Text
5th to 6th grade reading level--good to read with the "Little House" books.  Some of the stories are a bit frightening, use with adult discretion especially with a sensitive child. Highly Recommended!

Hero Tales from American History 
by Henry Cabot Lodge and Theodore Roosevelt
Gutenberg Text

The Pilgrims of New England 
by Mrs. J. B. Webb
Gutenberg Text

Woman's Life in Colonial Days 
by Carl Holliday
Gutenberg Text

American History Stories
Volume 1     Volume 2     Volume 3     Volume 4
by Mara L. Pratt
Balwin Project
5th to 7th grade reading level

The Old Bell of Independence; Or, Philadelphia in 1776
The Yankee Tea-party; Or, Boston in 1773
by Henry C. Watson
Gutenberg Texts
5th to 7th grade reading level

Introductory American History 
by Elbert Jay Benton and Henry Eldridge Bourne
Gutenberg Text
6th to 8th grade reading level

History of the United States
by Charles A. Beard and Mary Ritter Beard
Gutenberg Text
9th to 11th grade reading level

A Short History of the United States 
by Edward Channing
Gutenberg Text

The Underground Railroad 
by William Still
Gutenberg Text

Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant, Complete
by U. S. Grant
Gutenberg Text
6th to 8th grade reading level but more interesting to older grades

The Story of the Pony Express 
by Glenn D. Bradley
Gutenberg Text
6th to 9th grade reading level

The Oregon Trail
by Francis Parkman
Gutenberg Text
7th grade reading level

A School History of the United States
by John Bach McMaster
Gutenberg Text
7th to 10th grade reading level

Pathfinders of the West
Being the Thrilling Story of the Adventures of the Men Who Discovered the Great Northwest: Radisson, La Vérendrye, Lewis and Clark
by Agnes C. Laut
Gutenberg Text

First Across the Continent: The Story of Lewis & Clark
by Noah Brooks
Gutenberg Text
9th grade reading level

The Journals of Lewis and Clark, 1804-1806 
by William Clark and Meriwether Lewis
Gutenberg Text

My Native Land 
by James Cox
Gutenberg Text

Great Britain and the American Civil War
by Ephraim Douglass Adams
Gutenberg Text

Sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters
by Logan Marshall
Gutenberg Text

The Loss of the S. S. Titanic
by Lawrence Beesley
Gutenberg Text

A Brief History of the United States 
by John Bach McMaster
Gutenberg Text

Great Epochs in American History
Volume 1     Volume 2
edited by Francis W. Hasley
Gutenberg Text

The Anti-Slavery Alphabet 
by Anonymous
interesting extra for the study of abolitionists

Sabbath in Puritan New England 
by Alice Morse Earle
Gutenberg Text

England in America, 1580-1652 
by Lyon Gardiner Tyler
Gutenberg Text

Letters of a Woman Homesteader
by Elinore Pruitt Stewart
Gutenberg Text
Charming, amusing, easy to read and interesting
5th or 6th grade and up

What Prohibition Has Done to America 
by Fabian Franklin
Gutenberg Text

A School History of the Great War 
by Coulomb and Gerson and McKinley
Gutenberg Text

The San Francisco calamity by earthquake and fire 
by Charles Morris
Gutenberg Text

Complete Chronicles of America Series
9th to 12th grade reading level

The Red Man's Continent
Ellsworth Huntington
Volume 1
Gutenberg Text

The Spanish Conquerors
by Richman
Volume 2
Google Books

Elizabethan Sea-Dogs
by William Charles Henry Wood
Volume 3

Crusaders of New France
by William Bennett Munro
Volume 4
Gutenberg Text

Pioneers of the Old South
by Mary Johnston
Volume 5
Gutenberg Text

The Fathers of New England
by Andrews
Volume 6
Google Books

Dutch and English on the Hudson
by Maud Wilder Goodwin
Volume 7

The Quaker Colonies
by Sydney George Fisher 
Volume 8
Gutenberg Text

Colonial Folkways
by Charles M. Andrews
Volume 9
Internet Archive

The Conquest of New France
by George McKinnen Wrong
Volume 10
Gutenberg Text

The Eve of the Revolution
by Becker
Volume 11
Gutenberg Text

Washington and His Comrades in Arms
by George McKinnen Wrong
Volume 12
Gutenberg Text

The Fathers of the Constitution
by Max Farrand
Volume 13
Gutenberg Text

Washington and his Colleagues
by Henry Jones Ford
Volume 14
Gutenberg Text

Jefferson and His Colleagues
by Allen Johnson
Volume 15
Gutenberg Text

John Marshall And The Supreme Court
by Edward S. Corwin
Volume 16
Gutenberg Text

The Fight for a Free Sea
by Ralph D. Paine
 Volume 17

Pioneers of the Old Southwest
by Lindsay Constance Skinner
Volume 18
Gutenberg Text

The Old Northwest
by Frederic Austin Ogg
Volume 19
Gutenberg Text

The Reign of Andrew Jackson
by Frederic Austin Ogg
Volume 20

The Paths of Inland Commerce
by Archer Butler Hulbert
Volume 21
Gutenberg Text

Adventurers of Oregon
by Constance L. Skinner
Volume 22
Internet Archive

The Spanish Borderlands
by Herbert E. Bolton
Volume 23
Google Books

Texas & the Mexican War
by Nathaniel W. Stephenson
Volume 24

The Forty-Niners 
by Stewart Edward White
Volume 25
Gutenberg Text

The Passing of the Frontier
by Emerson Hough
Volume 26
Gutenberg Text

The Cotton Kingdom
by William E. Dodd
Volume 27
Internet Archive

An Anti-Slavery Crusade 
by Jesse Macy
Volume 28
Gutenberg Text

Abraham Lincoln and the Union
by Nathaniel W. Stephenson
Volume 29
Gutenberg Text

The Day of the Confederacy
by Nathaniel Wright Stephenson
Volume 30
Gutenberg Text

Captains of the Civil War
by William Charles Henry Wood
Volume 31
Gutenberg Text

The Sequel of Appomattox 
by Walter Lynwood Fleming
Volume 32
Gutenberg Text

The American Spirit in Education
by Edwin E. Slosson
Volume 33

The American Spirit in Literature
by Bliss Perry
Volume 34
Gutenberg Text

Our Foreigners
by Samuel P. Orth
Volume 35
Gutenberg Text

The Old Merchant Marine
Paine, Ralph Delahaye
Volume 36
Gutenberg Text

The Age of Invention 
by Holland Thompson
Volume 37
Gutenberg Text

The Railroad Builders
 by John Moody
Volume 38
Gutenberg Text

The Age of Big Business
by Jesse Burton Hendrick
Volume 39
Gutenberg Text

The Armies of Labor 
by Samuel Peter Orth
Volume 40
Gutenberg Text

Captains of the Civil War
by William Wood
Volume 41
Gutenberg Text

The New South 
by Holland Thompson
Volume 42
Gutenberg Text

The Boss and the Machine
Samuel Peter Orth 
Volume 43
Gutenberg Text

The Cleveland Era
by Henry Jones Ford
Voume 44
Gutenberg Text

The Agrarian Crusade
by Solon J. Buck
Volume 45
Gutenberg Text

The Path of Empire 
by Carl Russel Fish
Volume 46
Gutenberg Text

Theodore Roosevelt and His Times
by Harold Howland
Volume 47
Gutenberg Text

Woodrow Wilson And The World War 
Charles Seymour
Volume 48
Google Book

The Canadian Dominion
by Oscar D. Skelton
Volume 49
Gutenberg Text

The Hispanic Nations of the New World
by William R. Shepherd
Volume 50
Historical Texts Archive